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Asian Eats ATX is proud to present the very best Asian & Asian fusion restaurants and chefs from across Greater Austin!

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New restaurants and chefs are joining Asian Eats all the time!

Bar Peached

(Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Malaysian / Thai / Vietnamese) Bar Peached is a bar focused restaurant concept serving cocktails, tacos and Asian inspired comfort food. Sister restaurant to the Peached Tortilla and located in the historic Clarksville neighborhood, Bar Peached is a hangout with plenty of outdoor space to sip bright cocktails and drinks with your significant other, kids, or group of friends. It feels like you’ve been welcomed into a backyard house party.

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Chef Pham

(Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, or Filipino) Culinary Institute of America Instructor, Chef Uyen Pham, brings her culinary expertise to the city of Austin. Whether you’re a home-cook or professional chef, Chef Pham’s passion to provide anyone with the skill and refined experience they desire is one of a kind.

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Chi’Lantro BBQ

(Korean/Tex Mex) Originally featured on Shark Tank, Chi’Lantro started in 2010 as a food truck and a vision to inspire the way people eat and think about Korean BBQ. Chi’Lantro’s goal is to be the leading Korean Tex-Mex brand in Texas!

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Din Ho Chinese BBQ

(Chinese) A name that’s become synonymous with Chinese BBQ in Austin since 1997, Din Ho prides itself on having served some of the best Chinese food in the area for decades.

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Donkey Mo’s Korean Fried Chicken

(Korean) Ranking among the best chicken wings in Austin is Donkey Mo’s. Donkey Mo’s brings the mouthwatering, crisp, and salivating sauces of Korean fried chicken to Austin. Chef and owner Youngmin Noh has honed his recipe for Korean BBQ chicken among other delectable dishes like Bacon Kimchi Fries and Spicy Fried Rice Cakes.

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El Raval

(Filipino/Japanese/Korean) Chef Laila Bazahm introduces Austin to a menu that incorporates the bold flavors and fragrant spices of North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. From Chef Laila’s Filipino roots and training in Singapore to opening Hawker 45 in Barcelona you can expect a very personal fusion unlike any other.

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(Korean) With warm rustic interiors and a garden courtyard, Oseyo is a modern Korean-American restaurant that serves traditional favorites and non-traditional dishes inspired by mom’s recipes.

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Sazan Ramen

(Japanese) SAZAN Ramen specializes in tori paitan ramen – a creamy, chicken based broth delivering extraordinary flavor. The menu doesn’t stop at ramen! Sazan has been acclaimed for its “Indomitable Wings” and takoyaki, among other fantastic Japanese street foods.

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Soupleaf Hot Pot

(Chinese) Embodying the essence of a true mom-and-pop establishment, Soupleaf is a family-owned, community-driven, Canton-style Hot Pot restaurant. Hot pot, a 2,000-year-old tradition from Asia, serves as a beautiful way to gather friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate a bountiful harvest over a roaring soup.

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(Vietnamese) Sunflower is a restaurant befitting of its namesake. Dedicated to delivering excellence with a smile, Sunflower’s delectable dishes are made with enthusiastic care by the owners, Anh and Vinh.

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(Japanese) Tatsumi combines seasonal menu selections, flawless service, and attentive planning to create a truly memorable dining experience. Restaurateur Tiffany, Chef Elvin, and Chef Masa make up this team of culinary experts, focusing on sourcing the finest ingredients and delivering the best traditional Japanese sushi.

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The One Pho

(Vietnamese) Hot stone pho was brought to Austin by Chef Dao Nguyen. The One Pho is a culinary haven that transports you to the heart of Vietnam with its tantalizing pho broth dishes and an unforgettable dining experience.

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The Peached Tortilla

(Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Malaysian / Thai / Vietnamese) Discover the perfect blend of modern Asian comfort food and Southern charm at The Peached Tortilla. While the restaurant has brought some of the original Peached Tortilla trucks’ street food favorites to the brick-and-mortat experience – including its famous tacos and JapaJam burger – it boasts a number of new menu items influenced by Chef Eric Silverstein’s childhood growing up in Asia.

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(Japanese) Toshokan is a 14-course omakase sushi speakeasy, served with intention to only six diners at a time. Hidden in plain sight within popular eastside venue Holey Moley Golf Club, it provides one of Austin’s finest most intimate dining experiences.

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Twin Panda

(Chinese/Indonesian) This unassuming Chinese restaurant is also famed for its authentic and delectable Indonesian cuisine! Taking great pride in their Southeast Asian roots, the restaurant also sells a number of drinks, confectioneries and cooking pastes sourced directly from Indonesia, allowing customers to take home some of the flavors they love so much!

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(Japanese) Opened in 2019, Uroko specializes in the fast and casual Temaki; a unique form of sushi that is hand rolled into a cone shape without the use of a bamboo mat. Hence the name, “Te” (hand) “Maki” (roll). They offer a variety of cooking classes, both public and private, as well as weekend omakase nights that create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

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Zaviya Grill

(Pakistani/Indian) With a focus on healthy and authentic dining, the Zaviya Grill is the one and only place to experience Pakistani cuisine in all of Austin.

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Simply put. Asian Eats ATX is all over the map!

This distributed dinner concept is new to Greater Austin, and we hope it’s an opportunity for you to explore more of our beautiful region while enjoying some of the best Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine in Texas.

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